*封面设计:安东尼奥·迈克菲 Cover Art by Antonio McAfee

同感地带 | 记后疫情时代国际文艺交流的一个局部

Empathy Zone | Cross-Cultural Artistic Exchange in the Age of Pandemic

2020年是令人难忘而疑惑的一年。病毒肆虐, 贸易摩擦, 行旅阻隔, 经济滞缓。“同感地带”艺术项目邀请了来自中美的8位文艺工作者, 通过线上交流对这些社会议题以及后疫情时代的前景进行探讨。

2020 was an unforgettable and confusing year. To list some topics: a pandemic, trade war, travel ban, recession. To address some of these topics and imagine a future of post-pandemic, eight artists from China and the U.S. gathered on a virtual space for a cross-cultural artistic exchange project, Empathy Zone.

中国的参与者有李琳琳, 段少锋, 耶苏, 殷雅迪。美国的参与者有:索比亚·阿马德, 安东尼奥·迈克菲, 乔瑟夫·奥尔佐, 大杉尚子。北京和华盛顿作为姐妹城市, 虽然相隔万里, 文化迥异, 却面临着诸多类似的城市化现象和问题:旧城区改造的士绅化, 过度商业开发和资本化, 流动人口和移民, 传统文化的消逝, 过劳与生活压力, 疫情等等。8位参与者在工作和生活中, 都在通过艺术实践对这些问题作着回应。

The participating artists from Beijing: Li Linlin, Duan Shaofeng, Ye Su, and Yin Yadi as well as the artists from DC: Sobia Ahmad, Antonio McAfee, Joseph Orzal, and Naoko Wowsugi. In addition to the cultural differences, the two capital cities are located on polar opposite ends with a twelve hour time difference. Yet they face quite similar social issues: gentrification, overdevelopment and commodification, migrants and immigrants, the loss of traditional folk culture, intense work pressure, and so on. Some of these are recurring topics in the participating artists’ life, work and art practice.


We originally planned to host on-site group exhibitions in both cities. Once COVID-19 entered our realities, we had to shift the project into a virtual format. 





The online version of Empathy Zone is structured in three parts. 

Part 1: Exhibition. Each artist’s key projects are featured. 

Part 2: Exchange. Each pair of artists developed a dialogue through a Zoom interview.

Part 3: Envision.  All artists proposed their vision of the Empathy Zone as a reflection of the program. 

全球化像一把双刃剑, 在促进城市发展的同时也带来种种问题。“同感地带”从中美首都两地文艺工作者的视角, 呼吁合作互信, 求同存异, 提出共同面对的可能性, 试建立“同感地带”作为共情的临时据点。后疫情时代, 屏幕成为了一种便捷的互联方式, 世界依旧时刻在线。在科技和网络的协助下, “同感地带”其实每天都在上演。主动或被动, 有意或无意, 对话和共情随时可能产生。项目组希望, 疫情所造成的封锁反而能使人们重新关注和发现这些“同感地带”的日常性和重要性, 有意识的在全世界范围自由探索和连结, 将这个充满不和谐和分裂性的世界变成一个巨大的“同感地带”。

Globalization is a double-edged sword. While accelerating urbanization and modernization, it also exacerbates conflicts and problems. Empathy Zone critically addresses these various issues from the perspectives of independent artists living and working in two capital cities of the two most important entities on the international landscape. We hope to acknowledge our differences while deepening genuine connections in the creation of these collaborations. During the pandemic, the screen has become a convenient means for people to keep in touch with others. The pandemic now keeps us online; instances of kindness and dialogues are taking place all the time whether or not we are paying attention. It is our hope that the background of this pandemic can actually inspire people to discover these small moments of connection in their everyday life, learn to cherish and enjoy them, as well as to actively seek them out. Our hope is to transform this world full of disunity into one large empathy zone. 

项目人员名单 Credits

参与者 Participants:

北京创作者 Beijing Creators:

李琳琳 Li Linlin

段少锋 Duan Shaofeng 

耶苏 Ye Su 

殷雅迪 Yin Yadi 

华盛顿哥伦比亚特区创作者 ‬ DC Creators:

索比亚·阿马德 Sobia Ahmad  

安东尼奥·迈克菲 Antonio McAfee  

乔瑟夫·奥尔佐 Joseph Orzal 

大杉尚子 Naoko Wowsugi

项目策划团队 Curatorial Team: 

策展人 Curator: 张雨卓 Yuzhuo Zhang (Mark)

主编、采写、翻译 Writer, Translator and Editor-in-Chief: 饶梦溪 Althea Rao

视觉设计 Visual Design: 李恩真 Esther Eunjin Lee 

执行主管 Project Manager: 鲁比安娜·安琼 Rubaina Anjum  

媒体支持 Media Partnership:

当代艺术搬运工 Contemporary Art Mover 

马里兰岩石城VisArt艺术中心 VisArts Rockville  

特别致谢 Special Thanks:

安东尼尔斯·裴 Antonius Bui 

帕特里克·凯恩 Patrick Cain 

大卫·格雷斯 David Grace 

朱健 Zhu Jian

陈军辉 Chen Junhuover

梅根·卡波尔 Megan Koeppel 

阚琳琳 Han Linlin

苏珊·梅恩 Susan Main 

弗兰克·麦考利 Frank McCauley 

方敏尔 Fang Minger

杨天歌 Yang Tiange 

郑闻 Zhen Wen

露易丝·维尔德 Louise Wides 

孙逊志 Sun Xunzhi

张雨航 Yuhang Zhang

李钟天 Li Zhongtian

朱隽晖 Julie Zhu

杨紫怡 Yang Ziyi

江苏恩晟文化传媒有限公司 Jiangsu Ensheng Culture

北京移动美术馆 Moving Art Museum

项目资助 Supported by:

美国哥伦比亚特区艺术人文委员会 DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities


Introducing the Curatorial Team

张雨卓 Yuzhuo Zhang (Mark)
策展人 Curator 

张雨卓, 92年生于陶都宜兴, 2015年本科毕业于南京艺术学院美术学书画鉴定专业, 19年获得南京艺术学院中国美术史硕士学位。18年获得美国马里兰艺术学院 (MICA) 策展实践 (MFA Curatorial Practice) 硕士学位。张曾担任马里兰艺术学院研究生展览协会 (GradEx) 主席, 在校内外策划逾20个重要的当代艺术项目及展览。他于18年3月在美国马里兰州巴尔的摩市的 Gallery CA 艺术馆独立策划了美籍意大利裔先锋艺术家 Lucio Pozzi 在该州独立艺术馆系统的首次公开行为艺术表演及相关艺术活动, 得到如 Baltimore Post–Examiner 等当地媒体的专访及报道。回国前, 张任职于洛杉矶18街艺术中心 (18th Street Art Center) 和 Los Angeles Contemporary Art Exhibitions (LACE) 洛杉矶当代艺术展览馆。张于20年1月回到国内, 曾在南京德基美术馆担任展览项目部经理。近期的策展项目有 巴尔的摩: White Lies, Spacecamp Gallery 画廊, Spectrum, Fred Lazarus IV Studio Center 艺术中心; Babble, Gallery CA 艺术馆; Expression, Cardinal Space空间; An Allegory Of Self–Joshua Pyburn Solo Exhibition, The Gateway; 洛杉矶: #SYNCHRONICITY–The Social Territories of a Warming World, 18街艺术中心; A NonHuman Horizon, LACE当代艺术馆等, 费城: Sour Sweet Bitter Spicy (酸甜苦辣) 费城唐人街城市公共雕塑策划案, 宾夕法尼亚艺术学院美术馆; 南京: 静电–贺天琪个人展览, Banana Art Space, Banana Art Space; 没有天空的梦–徐跋骋个人展览, Banana Art Space 等等。

Yuzhuo (Mark) Zhang is originally from the Capital of Pottery–Yixing, China. He received his BA Art History and MA Chinese Art History at the Nanjing University of the ArtsNUA) in 2015 and 2019. Zhang has written exhibition essays and reviews for various culture media and magazines in China. Zhang received his MFA Curatorial Practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018. He was the lead organizer of MICA GradEx, an organization dedicated to providing graduate students with professional solo and group exhibitions. Zhang curated Lucio Pozzi’s performance-A Declaration in Patchameena at Gallery CA on March 2018. Zhang was recently invited to be the guest lecturer in Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics (NUFE). Before becoming the full-time curator for the contemporary art department at Deji Art museum, Nanjing, Zhang was working at LACE (Los Angles Contemporary Exhibitions) and 18th Street Arts Center in LA. Then, he worked as the full-time curator for Deji Art Museum in Nanjing. Recent curatorial and exhibition projects include Baltimore: White Lies, Spacecamp Gallery; Spectrum, Fred Lazarus IV Studio Center; An Allegory Of Self–Joshua Pyburn Solo Exhibition, The Gateway; Babble, Gallery CA; Expression, Cardinal Space; Los Angeles: #SYNCHRONICITY–The Social Territories of a Warming World, 18th Street Arts Center; Su Hui-Yu: Re-shooting–About martial law, cold war, censorship and those who were forbidden, Atrium gallery; To Oblivion: The Speculator’s Eden by Sandra de la Loza, LACE; A NonHuman Horizon, LACE; Nanjing: Static–He Tianqi Solo Exhibition, BananaArtSpace; Survival and Destiny–Xu Bacheng Solo Exhibition, BananaArtSpace. Zhang lives and works in Los Angeles, Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai.

饶梦溪 Althea Rao
主编、采写、翻译 Writer, Translator, and Editor-in-Chief

饶梦溪, 跨媒介和社会参与艺术家, 出生于北京, 现旅居美国。她持上海复旦大学新闻学院和日本早稻田大学国际教养学院联合培养双学士学位; 研究生毕业于美国Temple大学的电影和媒介艺术纯艺硕士项目。她参与的驻地项目包括: Halcyon艺术工坊 (2018, 华盛顿哥伦比亚特区, 纽黑文艺术空间 (2019, 康乃狄格纽黑文), 更多艺术 (2020, 纽约, 和Mitu实验剧场 (2020, 纽约)。她的实验电影短片曾在北美, 德国和法国的独立电影节展映, 并于2016年获费城弗拉哈迪电影学者奖项。她的社会参与性艺术作品和公共艺术作品曾展出于Smithsonian亚洲艺术博物馆,驻美法国大使馆, 可可然艺术学院, IA&A美术馆, 自动空间, 耶鲁大学医学院, 纽黑文艺术空间和费城弗雷雪艺术纪念馆。她所获得的个人和项目基金有:美国当代艺术中心奖金, 斯坦福大学电子音乐工作坊奖学金, MAP奖金, 新英格兰公共艺术发展奖金, 纽黑文艺术工作者资助计划奖金和中国国家奖学金。她被提名Smithsonian艺术家研究奖。在2021和2022年, 饶梦溪和她的长期项目“阴道合唱”将受邀赴费城巴恩斯艺术馆、弗吉尼亚丹维美术历史博物馆馆和阿拉巴马当代艺术中心与当地群众一起展开参与性装置和演出项目。在创作之外, 饶梦溪曾为美籍艺术家刘艾真 (Jen Liu) 的实验影像录制中文旁白; 曾以乐队主场的身份于北京的水果店 (Fruity Shop) 两次登台献唱; 曾在纽黑文唯一的广式早茶餐厅长城推过三个月的点心车; 曾在美国国会山参与“月经平权法案”的游说; 在2020年美国人口普查过程中, 她作为美华博物馆的普查推广官电话访谈了超过五百个居住在纽约的华人移民家庭。饶梦溪的中文写作不定期发表于中国三明治。

Althea Rao creates social engagement models to facilitate playful conversations that unpack normalized systemic power imbalance. She draws influence from media studies, intersectionality, design justice and grass-root organizing. Her project Vagina Chorus, a bio-responsive, socially-engaged multimedia performance spotlighting women’s health and healthcare accessibilities, is a recipient of the 2020 MAP Fund. Rao has lived and worked in China, Japan and the US, and received training in journalism, media arts and filmmaking. Rao is currently an Engaging Artist Fellow at More Art. She was an artist-in-residence at Artspace New Haven (2020), a Fellow of Flaherty Film Seminar (2016), a mentee in NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program (2019), a toolmaker-in-residence at Signal Culture(2019), a Social Impact Fellow at Halcyon Arts Lab (2019).

李恩真 Esther Eunjin Lee
视觉设计 Visual Design

李恩真在韩国首尔出生, 在幼年移居美国。她的本科毕业于马里兰大学艺术和平面设计系, 并参与了院系的荣誉课程项目。自2018年毕业以来, 她定居在马里兰地区, 华盛顿哥伦比亚特区的郊外, 并在当地参与了多场展览: 包括波尔蒂克画廊, 杜埃尔DC, 希利尔艺术中心等。在她的艺术创作之外, 李目前是一个职业画框装裱师和平面设计师。在闲暇时间, 她喜欢音乐和自然。

Esther/Eunjin is a person housed inside a body of Korean origin, born in Seoul and relocated to the United States of America soon after her exit from the womb. She was fortunate enough to attend college, receiving her B.A. in studio art and graphic design from the University of Maryland, College Park, and participating in the Studio Art Departmental Honors Program. Since graduating in 2018, she has stayed in the Maryland outskirts of Washington DC and exhibited work at local venues, such as Portico Gallery, Dwell DC, and IA&A Hillyer. Outside of her practice, Lee currently works as a professional picture framer and graphic designer, and enjoys spending her time with music and nature. 

鲁比安娜·安琼 Rubaina Anjum
执行主管 Project Manager

鲁比安娜·安琼是一位来自美国华盛顿特区的环保领域专业人员, 她长期以来热衷于支持华盛顿特区艺术社区的发展, 包括参与本次的“同感地带”艺术文化交流项目。她的专业兴趣在于评估和探讨气候变化影响下的不平等性。在她的闲暇时光, 她经常亲近和接触自然, 爱好远足, 探索本地动植物群, 自行车及陪伴自己的宠 

Rubaina is an environmental professional in the DC area and is passionate about supporting the DC art community including working on the Empathy Zone Project. Her professional interests include examining and addressing the impacts of climate change on inequality. In her free time, you will often find her immersed in nature–hiking and looking for local fauna, riding her bike, or playing with her cat.