Daniel Merkowitz

My work deals in contrast. Be it contrasting ideologies, or contrasting textures, I aim to illustrate differences. The delicate is paired with the brutal, the childish paired with the mature. The contrast in these pieces is often used to emphasize change. My work addresses this change in different manners, critiquing it for being destructive, or praising it for its unexpected beauty. This ideology extends all the way down to the presentation of the work. Imposing structures are combined with dainty objects, industrial features are turned into organic forms. While the forms may be abstract, the themes within are not. With that said, the themes may not be immediately obvious to the viewer. There is an inherent playfulness to my work, which is used as a mask for the themes addressed in my work. Often introspective, my sculptures become ambiguous to the outside viewer, becoming a playground for the imagination.


About the artist:

Daniel Merkowitz is an artist based in Howard County, Maryland. His work often delves into the surreal and imaginary, yet is grounded by a looming sense of reality. Playful yet dangerous, lighthearted yet serious, Daniel’s work surrounds itself in a juxtaposition of senses. Taking advantage of different artistic mediums, he creates his work using metal casting, welding, woodworking, photography, videography, and animation.






Wood, tulle

36 x 20 x 20 inches




Foam, tulle, paint

26 x 20 x 40 inches


Grandpa’s Piano


Piano components

20 x 18 x 18 inches



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