Center for Crafts Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities 

The Craft Advisory Council (CAC) is comprised of leaders from the craft arena including educators, gallery owners, craft collectors, curators, and craft artists from a wide spectrum across the DC/Maryland/Northern Virgina region. 

The CAC provides a broad arc of expertise, insight, and experience to support the Center for Craft Studies and to advise VisArts’ education staff with the development of classes, programs, workshops, exhibitions, and residencies. 


Primary elements of the Center for Craft include: 

  • The Certificate of Mastery of Craft and Creative Industries 
  • Ceramic Artist Residencies 
  • Contemporary Craft Lecture Series 
  • Master Craft Workshops 
  • Emerging Craft Teacher Program 


The CAC’s expertise, insight, and experience in concert with Education Department staff will: 

  • Ensure current art and craft education ideals are introduced to enrich and expand VisArts’ certificate program and craft media course offerings. 
  • Address the needs of craft artists, curators, faculty, and students in our programs. 
  • Promote and support a safe, equitable, diverse, and accessible community of craft artists, faculty and students. 
  • Communicate best practices of contemporary craft art movements. 
  • Expand creative and sustainable resources 


The CAC’s work may include but not be limited to: 

  • Review and selection of candidates for the Center’s lecture series, master class workshops, and ceramic residencies. 
  • Review and selection of applicants to Certificate of Mastery in Crafts and Creative Industries Program. 
  • Providing connections for formal and informal mentorships. 
  • Creating synergy between Center for Craft Studies and the VisArts Gallery Program. 
  • Cultivating partnerships with local and national craft organizations. 
  • Supporting and nominating candidates for the Emerging Craft Teacher Program.