Ashley Boh

My work explores the cycles of this mysterious world, whether it’s life, death, the small human cycles in between, or every cycle that goes beyond the living things of this earth. This piece, Magnificent Fish, explores the gruesomeness and beauty of death. It serves as a metaphor for the life cycle, but marking an unclear beginning and end. With it weighing about 12lbs, I created the feeling of a dead, stagnant creature. Through my choices of fabric, beads, string and other materials to bring this sculpture to life, I hope to give the viewer something more to contemplate.

About the artist:

Ashley Boh was born in Baltimore, MD in 2002. She is currently earning her BFA in General Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art, set to graduate in 2025. Ashley began exhibiting her work from a young age, starting with a few shows during her high school career. As she’s attending school, she’s living and working in Baltimore City.

Magnificent Fish
3tf 4in x 8 ½in
Soft Sculpture

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