Eric Westbrook

Eric Westbrook is a painter and instructor living and working in the Washington DC area. He has been a member of the VisArts faculty since 2014.

Eric’s landscape and portrait paintings are frequently exhibited in solo and group shows and are held in public and private collections. He is an experienced judge of art shows and competitions.

Eric received a Bachelor’s degree in art and design at the University of Maryland, College Park MD. Formal training in figure and portrait painting continued at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA, and the Washington Studio School in Washington, DC.

Eric Westbrook’s work has been described as an “art of attention”—a reference to the artist’s close observation of a subject, both for its surface details and for the structure and rhythm of its underlying forms. At the same time, the work itself repays attention: the more the viewer sits with it, the more what drew the artist to it in the first place is revealed.

Additional work can be viewed at

The artist is currently accepting portrait and other commissions.