Summer Camp Internship Application

  • VisArts Summer Art Camp 2022

  • This internship lasts at least nine weeks - three camp sessions plus a three-week training period priod to camp. Please indicate when you would be available for pre-summer training. Training should take place between early May and the start of camp (mid-June).
  • Please select which camp sessions you would like to intern. (Select all that apply)
  • Schedules will be organized based on availability. Shifts will be given between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM. Schedules will not exceed 8 hours per shift.
  • I, the camp Intern, do hereby affirm and acknowledge that I have been fully informed of the responsibilities of my camp position, including but not limited to the following:

    • ~Checking in promptly at the camp facility each day of camp
    • ~Ensuring campers' safety at all times.
    • ~Learning and enforcing the rules and responsibilities of VisArts Camp.
    • ~Helping manage volunteers and campers
    • ~Assisting staff and teachers with daily camp activities
    • ~Bringing my own lunch, snacks, and drinks.
    • ~Being attentive and proactive.
    • ~Committing to the entire duration of the session(s) selected/assigned to me.
    • ~Notifying VisArts office staff (301) 315-8200 immediately if you are sick and/or unable to volunteer.
    • ~Helping with set up and clean up classes.
    • ~Assisting with arrival and dismissal.
    • ~And more
  • I understand that the VisArts Summer Camp is a drug-free, smoke-free, and alcohol-free school environment and I agree to abide by the above rules and regulations.

    I, the camp intern, do hereby affirm and acknowledge that I have been fully informed of the responsibilities of my camp position, as well as tasks that I am not responsible for. I understand that this is an unpaid internship and that I will receive compensation for my volunteer hours in the form of Student Service Learning hours (if applicable) in accordance with the county's policies. Compensation in the form of university credit may also be given if needed, please inform us of the paramaters of your school's internship requirements if this is the case. I understand that the awarding of my hours is based on my following the rules, regulations, and policies established by VisArts, and that if I do not comply, or fail to fulfull my responsibilities, VisArts may deduct hours or terminate my position.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Please upload proof of your vaccine status against COVID-19. As a reminder, VisArts considers one to be fully vaccinated 14 days after their last dose. Please upload a clear image that includes your name, the date of your vaccination, and the vaccination you received.
  • I, the camp intern, understand that if I do not follow the rules and regulations set by VisArts, a warning will be issued. 15 minutes will be deducted from hours earned for each warning given. I understand that if I receive more than 4 warnings, VisArts may terminate my internship.
  • VisArts actively works towards diversity and inclusion of all races, ethnicities, orientations, identities, abilities, and ages so our community members are empowered to be their authentic selves and feel welcome in our space. VisArts has no tolerance for bullying, racism, sexism, ageism, hate speech, or bigotry of any kind.