Sung Min Lee FEAST Page Photo-01

To encourage conversation, sharing, learning, and empowerment, artist Sung Min Lee worked with residents who live near popular community centers. The Mund Park Mosaic Project, brought together residents of all ages to enhance the fence surrounding an extremely popular basketball court in Mund Park on Greenmount Avenue in Baltimore. Residents from nearby neighborhoods created mosaic letters that formed inspirational words. Participants from youth to seniors made their own ceramic tiles and combined them with plastic cups to fit on the chain link fence surrounding the Mund Park basketball court. The project was one of the collaborative works with Barclay Community Center supported by HCPI: Spruce-Up and a VisArts F.E.A.S.T. grant.

The mosaic project approach offered an easy way to engage with all community members who frequent the Greenmount Recreation Center, Greenmount Korean Senior Center, Project PLASE, and Waxter Senior Center. They were invited to share their stories and to learn how to make mosaics. This project made community members feel valued and responsible for creating and building a community based on support, generosity, and respect. Lee believes that through this art project, people felt transformed and empowered to build a stronger community by working 

The F.E.A.S.T. grant was used to support artistic learning projects and workshops.