Sophie Cabrera

These costumes were designed for the play Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry. Ubu Roi is a play belonging to the Theater of the Absurd genre. Where characters are ridiculously portrayed and the atmosphere is generally strange, uncomfortable and over the top. Ubu Roi is about a greedy and childlike man who tries to overthrow the king, and the mayhem that ensues. Sophie Cabrera designed the costumes by mixing folklorique inspiration with the loud and confronting personalities of each character.


About the artist:

Sophie Cabrera is a recent graduate of the costume design program at Esmod Paris. Born and raised in Rockville Maryland, she moved to Europe to pursue her studies. She has worked in several costume design ateliers in Paris, including, Atelier MBV, Atelier Caraco and Les Vertugadins. She is currently living in Rockville Maryland, making masks for the covid effort. Her goal is to work as a costume designer for stage and film production.


The Queen Rosemonde


Cotton, faux fur and ribbons, Mola textile technique to create the corset, costume


Papa Ubu


Cotton, Hand dyed indigo to create shibori patterns, costume


The Prince Bougrelas


Silk, velvet and cotton, Hand woven ribbons to create the vest fabric, costume


Mama Ubu


Polyester and cotton, Hand woven and painted wicker “crowns”, costume



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