VisArts Online camp is committed to giving your child the most in-depth and hands-on camp experience possible. We will therefore be providing all campers with the majority of the materials they will need to participate in our camps. There is no additional cost for our Materials Boxes. Pick-ups can be made curbside, on the Corner of Gibbs Street and Beall Avenue. Staff will be bringing the boxes straight to your cars, so please provide us detailed information about your car in the sign-up sheet.

Material Boxes will be available to be picked up Tuesdays 9 – 11 am, Thursdays 4 – 6 pm and Saturdays 10am – 2 pm in the week prior to the start of each session. Families must make an appointment to pick up their materials from VisArts. Please make sure you select the sign-up sheet for the week you are registered. Families must pick up their boxes on one of the designated days. All extra materials may be kept at the end of the session, however, those willing to donate their gently used materials back to VisArts may do so. We have done our best to cut down on packaging, but we encourage you to recycle packaging materials at home or return them to VisArts for reuse/recycling.

Please note, the quantity of materials provided will be based on what the curriculum calls for, please help your students use materials responsibly so they have all they need for their projects throughout the week. VisArts is NOT able to provide ‘a la carte’ materials.

If Gibbs Street is open, pick-up service will be moved to outside the front of our building, located at 155 Gibbs Street.