Discount on 8 Cocktails & Canvas Classes

Discount on 8 Cocktails & Canvas Classes

$360.00 $198.00

This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of $360.00


This coupon offers you eight cocktails and canvas classes for the low, low price of $198. With this coupon you can use all eight of them at once or one at a time and you can use them for yourself or a friend or gift the coupon. Every time you use the coupon for a class you will have a running balance and it never expires. This really couldn’t be easier — register now and get your coupon that can be used for four classes!

*After purchase, an individual code will be sent to the purchaser’s e-mail that is used at the time of registration.  This individual code is used up to eight times to purchase cocktails and canvas classes online.