Materials Pick-Up/Drop-Off

  • Material Box delivery appointments must be made TWO WEEKS before the start of camp, any delivery requests made after this time will not be fulfilled. There are a limited number of delivery slots and we will be working on a first come first serve system.  Materials will be delivered on Thursday between 1 and 4 pm and will be limited to a 15 mile range. Deliveries within 10 miles of VisArts will cost $35.00. Deliveries between 10 and 15 miles will cost $50.00. Please double check you are within the range before requesting a delivery.  On the day of delivery, please make sure you are home during the window of time that you have selected. VisArts will do its best to ensure prompt arrival of materials, but cannot make any guarantees. Drivers will send a text 10-15 minutes before delivery. In order to ensure a safe and secure delivery, families will be required to sign a confirmation of receipt. Please have a pen handy to sign the receipt. If no one is home to receive the material box, it will not be delivered and it will be the responsibility of the family to pick it up. Delivery drivers will be masked and will maintain social distance during delivery. Please let us know if you need any special accommodations and we will do our best to fulfill them. Below you will find the sign-up sheets that correspond to each camp week. Please select the week your camper is registered for to make an appointment (those in teen camp, select the link for the first week of your camp). Deliveries will be made the Thursday before the start of camp. See below for sign-ups.
  • VisArts Online camp is committed to giving your child the most in-depth and hands-on camp experience possible. We will therefore be providing all campers with the majority of the materials they will need to participate in camp. There is no additional cost for our Materials Boxes. Pick-ups can be made curbside, on the Corner of Gibbs Street and Beall Avenue. Staff will bring the boxes straight to your cars, so please provide us detailed information about your car in the sign-up sheet. Material Boxes will be available to be picked up Thursdays 4 - 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am - 12 pm in the week prior to the start of each session We will also have pick-up slots available on Mondays from 9 - 10 am for those starting camp that week. Families must make an appointment to pick up their materials from VisArts. Please make sure you select the sign-up sheet for the week you are registered. Families must pick up their boxes on one of the designated days. All extra materials may be kept at the end of the session, however, those willing to donate their gently used materials back to VisArts may do so. We have done our best to cut down on packaging, but we encourage you to recycle packaging materials at home or return them to VisArts for reuse/recycling. Please note, the quantity of materials provided will be based on what the curriculum calls for, please help your students use materials responsibly so they have all they need for their projects throughout the week. VisArts is NOT able to provide ‘a la carte’ materials.
  • Students will make a variety of different projects that may need to be brought back to VisArts for glazing and/or firing. This process will be overseen by VisArts staff in its entirety. Projects should be brought in to VisArts facility for their completion and will be ready to be picked up two weeks later. Drop-off  and pick-up will not be curbside, you must bring/retrieve your pieces from the third floor administrative office. In your material box, you will receive several intake forms, these forms musts be filled out and included with any pieces that are brought to VisArts for completion. Those wishing to donate their leftover, gently used materials may do so during this time as well. Drop-off days are Monday to Friday from 9-5. Pieces will be kept in our facilities for FOUR WEEKS after the two-week firing period. After this date, we cannot guarantee that pieces will still be available for pick-up. Please make your appointment to drop off your finished pieces HERE. New dates are added on a two week period, so if you cannot find a time to drop your pieces off, please check back in periodically for new dates.
  • It is the responsibility of the student and their family to pick up their finished pieces once they have been brought to completion by VisArts staff. Our policy states that pieces will be ready two weeks after the drop off date, at the earliest. We will NOT be sending individual emails telling people that their work is ready. We will hold on to finished work for FOUR WEEKS after their completion. After this period, we cannot guarantee pieces will be held onto/available for pick-up. Pick-up days are Monday to Friday 9-5. Pick-up will not be curbside. Pieces must be picked up in the third floor administrative office. Please make your appointment to pick up your finished pieces HERE. New dates are added on a two week period, so if you cannot find a time to drop your pieces off, please check back in periodically for new dates.
  • Thank you for registering for VisArts Online Camp! We are so excited to get started on this virtual journey with you and your family! As stated in your confirmation email and the Welcome Letter, the majority of materials campers will need for their activities will be provided for them in our Material Boxes. Upon registration, you should have been prompted to make an appointment to pick up your material boxes. These basic supplies are required in order to participate in camp, but will NOT be provided by VisArts. 
    • Scissors
    • Assorted colored pencils
    • Scrap paper
    • Assorted colored markers
    • Pencil and eraser
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Ruler (or some sort of straight edge)
    • Newspapers or something for covering/protecting surfaces in work area
    • Water cup (such as a large yogurt cup)
    • A laptop or desktop with a webcam, microphone and reliable internet connection
      • We recommend having a mouse or stylus for Digital Drawing and Stop Motion
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