Geometric Variation, 2020, Acrylic and gold ink on fire etched wood, 4 x 4 inches


Nicole Ritzert

“I enjoy working with my hands whether I’m setting up equipment for my job or creating art at home.  Drawing, especially pyrography, is my favorite art.  Pyrography involves etching wood with a hot tool.  I like the multiple steps, including drawing the pattern, preparing the surface, burning the picture, and polishing the final piece.  Pyrography engages my senses.  The pale wood turns sepia under the hot tip.  The burned surface is often textured.  The smell of burnt wood is nostalgic.  I challenge myself by trying different styles, which is one reason I took the Geometric Painting class in the fall.”

About the artist:

Nikki grew up in the hills of Western Pennsylvania.  She lived in Ithaca, NY for five years during her graduate work.  After graduating, she moved to Montgomery County to work as a chemist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is currently a project leader at the American Dental Association.  When she’s not in the laboratory, she likes to walk in nature, read, and draw.

VisArts 2021 Faculty & Student Show


Rhombuses, 2020, Acrylic paint on paper, 6 x 9 inches 

Circles, 2020, Acrylic paint on paper, 6 x 9 inches