Art Based Team Building That Fuels Creativity!

Inspire and energize your guests with our fun and creative visual art activities. No need to be intimidated by the creative process – no experience is necessary as our skilled instructors guide you every step of the way. Shared creative experiences are ideal team building opportunities as they inspire innovative thinking, communication, and resourceful problem solving. We can provide projects that require collaboration between team members or that allow each person to explore his or her own ideas. Choose from working in clay, glass, mixed media, mosaics, or paint.

Let us customize a program that meets your goals. The overall cost of your experience depends on the group size, day of week, project selected, and other variables; all activities include a materials fee, an instructor/facilitator fee, and a room rental fee. See individual descriptions and FAQs for details.


Private Party & Team Building Events

Fused Glass Plates

One of our most popular group activities, participants create a 6” x 6” square or 8” x 4” rectangle while they learn about the “cool glass” process during this two-hour class. Your guests learn how to cut glass and consider how different glass interacts. Finished work is ready for pick up within 10 business days of the event.

Materials fee: $39.50/person

For those looking for a collaborative twist, we offer a one-hour extension of our regular fused glass plate workshop so that your guests can work collaboratively to create a large-scale piece of artwork. VisArts instructors work with guests to create a balanced design and pleasing color scheme.

Materials fee: $300/Medium Wave (10 ”x 18”); $425/Large Wave (12” x 18”); $200/Large Serving Plate (10” x 10”)


Palettes and Paint

Social painting classes are a great way to entertain your corporate colleagues or a group of friends. You pick an image, your guests receive a lightly pre-sketched 16” x 20” canvas, and an instructor leads a step-by-step painting lesson. This three-hour class can be tailored to a two-hour class, if desired.

Materials fee: $24/person; $34/person for custom image

Collaborative Painting

An ideal team building experience, collaborative painting requires participants to negotiate color, design elements, and transitioning between individual canvases to create a cohesive product. As in the workplace, co-workers must consider the opinions and views of others to produce a finished work. The image above was painted by 20 people and uses twelve 16” x 20” canvases to create one large image.

Materials fee: $34/person (additional charge for constructing the finished mural)

Musical Easels

A new twist on collaborative painting, participants start with the same pre-sketched canvas, rotating to another canvas every 15 to 20 minutes. Just as work projects require us to consider co-workers’ input, this activity focuses more on the creative process than the final product. This is a terrific activity for even the most reluctant of painters because each painting is the product of many. The images above were created by 16 people.

Materials fee: $24/person



Think Outside the Species

People are often described by referencing animals: timid as a mouse, roars like a lion, changes spots like a leopard! Participants will have the opportunity to create hybrid animals that reflect their personalities, challenges or strengths. VisArts will provide lots of images to work with and then our instructor will lead your guests through the sketching and painting of their creation. This activity allows for participants to reveal parts of themselves that they may keep hidden or to express an aspect of their personality that they hope others will see. This creative activity allows for reflection as well as self -expression. Since the animal creations are imaginary there is no “right” or “wrong” way to express oneself. This is all about creativity and having fun.

Materials fee: $24/person



Clay Creations

Participants start with pre-rolled slabs of clay and are led through the construction of a mug or vase. After creating their vessels, participants use stamps, springs, underglazes, texture, and carving tools to create their unique ceramic artwork. Work is then fired and clear glazed by VisArts, and ready for pick up within 10 business days of the event.

Materials fee: $30/person

Mosaic Mirrors

VisArts provides 10×10 mirror frames, stained glass, ceramic tiles, glass tiles and everything else you will need to create a one of a kind mosaic mirror. Our experienced instructors will teach participants how to cut class, assemble and then finally grout their mirrors. Participants will be given individual packages of grout so that they can easily grout their mirrors at home once their tiles have set.

Materials fee: : $30/person Additional $10.00 if VisArts grouts your mirror

Painted Platters

Practice surface decoration techniques on a 9×9 bisque platter. Using stencils, dabbers, slip trailing and underglazes your guests will create a masterpiece that will be ready to pick up 10 business days after the class.

Material fee: $30 per person

Art of Possibilities

This 3.5-hour workshop is highly interactive and can be tailored by our expert facilitator to your organization’s mission and vision. Participants transform second-hand and cast-aside furniture and household items while developing realistic steps for their next big thing. Guests are encouraged to bring a small household item to transform, or VisArts can provide items for transformation at an additional charge.

Materials fee: $37.50/person (guests bring items to repurpose); $67.50/person (VisArts supplies items to repurpose)


How much will my event cost?

Each private event is unique, but all include a per-person materials fee, an instructor/facilitator fee, and a room rental fee. Our instructor fee is generally $200.00 for groups of 20 people or fewer. For events that take place on the weekend or during the evening, or with more than 20 guests, we require a helper to support our instructor for an additional charge of $75.00. For events with more than 40 guests, we must schedule a second instructor.

What are the 3rd floor classroom rental options?

We have several different rooms depending on your group size, art activity, food/beverage needs, and other plans. The facility rental fee is based on use of the room for the time necessary for the completion of your art project. Additional time is available at an hourly rate.

  • Painting and Drawing Studio: Accommodates 11 tables and 44 people – $250
  • Mixed Media #3: Accommodates 7 tables and 28 people – $200
  • Mixed Media #1 and #2: Accommodates 5 tables and 20 people – $150
  • Glass Studio: Accommodates 16 participants without food/beverage tables – $150
  • Painting and Drawing Studio AND Mixed Media #3 (combined): Accommodates 70 people with separate locations for art and food/beverage tables – $450.00

Can I rent the 2nd Floor Buchanan Event Room?

Absolutely! Our modern and versatile Buchanan Event Room is ideal for larger and/or more formal events. Pricing varies, but starts at $600 for a four-hour daytime event. Our Buchanan Event room accommodates art parties for up to 100 people.

How does VisArts support non-profit organizations?

VisArts is committed to making art experiences affordable and accessible. We offer special non-profit rates on room rental and materials fees. We also work with non-profit organizations to create their own fundraising art events: We provide the space and art activity at a discount; you sell tickets, find sponsors, and receive donations of food/beverage.

Can I arrange for my own food and beverage service?

  • Yes, you may provide your own food and beverages including alcoholic drinks. All food must come from a licensed food facility such as a restaurant, grocery store or caterer. NO homemade food is permitted pursuant to Montgomery County health regulations.
  • If you serve alcohol, you must follow all relevant State of Maryland and Montgomery County laws regarding the purchase and service of alcohol. You must ensure that no one under the age of 21 is served alcoholic beverages, that no one is overserved and that no one is permitted to leave your event intoxicated. Pursuant to Maryland law, no open containers of alcohol can be removed from the premises.
  • If your event will be held in the Buchanan Event Room, additional requirements for food service and charges for the use of our catering kitchen apply. Depending upon the number of guests and menus, you may be required to use one of our preferred caterers.

How can I reserve a team building workshop or private art party?

Please contact Karen Askin at 301-315-8200 extension 119 or  Karen will work with you to find a date, space, and project appropriate for your group and budget. A signed contact, along with a deposit equal to the room rental fee and the instructor fee, are required to book your event. Full payment is due at least 48 hours prior to the event. Payments may be made using check, cash or credit cards.

Will you come to my off-site location?

Yes, we are happy to come to your organization or commercial venue; however, we cannot offer art events at private residences. In addition to instructor/facilitator and materials fees, we charge a minimum travel fee of $400.00 to bring materials, plus an additional fee for distances of more than 15 miles from VisArts. If your space requires a protective floor covering, additional fees may apply. You are responsible for providing tables, chairs, and a nearby water source that can be accessed by our instructor.