Shirin Badie

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Shirin Badie

Born and raised in the historical city of Isfahan in Iran, Shirin began painting at a very young age and carried her love for the arts, in particular watercolors, throughout her busy professional and personal life.

Her paintings often reflect her connection, respect, love, and appreciation for nature as it is the essence of nature that holds, binds and brings about compassion for humans. When painting nature, fresh ideas flow from our minds into our hands, and allow us to express the power of life through art. This positive energy has peaceful and lightening effects.

In her relaxing watercolor classes, and workshops that include meditation, guided meditation, and brain management techniques, she encourages her students to use art to nurture their inner creative voice and to escape from everyday stress to a richer and balanced life.

Shirin has earned recognition and awards on a regional level and her works have been selected in local groups and solo art exhibits in Washington, DC Metro area. The proceeds from her work empowers those in need.

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