Mixed Level Wheel (Ages 13-17) Online – Ryan Rakhshan

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VisArts is excited to offer online wheel classes to young adults. This is perfect for students who have a wheel at home or choose to rent one from VisArts. With a wheel in your home your young learner can practice as often as they like, which is absolutely critical in gaining proficiency. This is an amazing opportunity to work with n experienced instructor who knows how to work with emerging artists.

Finished work can be dropped off to be bisqued and subsequently students can use the studio to glaze or can request that VisArts staff carry out glazing.

To arrange pick up and drop off of work, please click here To order clay, please click here

To rent a wheel, please click here 

Wheels can easily be moved by two people and fit into almost all cars.


5 spaces available
Mixed Level Wheel (Ages 13-17) Online - Ryan Rakhshan$175.00