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Concourse Gallery


March 22, 2019– April 21, 2019

Concourse Gallery, 2nd floor

Opening Reception and Artist Talk: TBD 


Exhibition featuring new work by artists working in the VisAbility Art Lab.

About the VisAbility Art Lab:

VisAbility Art Lab is a supported art studio for emerging adult artists with disabilities who have a strong interest in making art part of their professional careers.  VisAbility Art Lab was founded as a partnership between VisArts and Madison House Autism Foundation with the goal to provide artists with a supported studio where they can explore and develop their artistic talents, participate in workforce development and life skills training, and forge a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the fully inclusive creative community.

Participants create art at their own pace, observe and learn art techniques from studio artists, work with a curator on developing exhibitions, and interact with members of the public who are attending art classes, camps, gallery tours and artist talks. Basic life skills and workforce development training are designed to promote self-sufficiency, success in the workforce, and growth as an artist and individual.

Within the studio, artists create both 2D and 3D work, including ceramics, digital art, painting, drawing, and sculpture. Artists join in the studio for part or full days with individualized schedules. Artists receive a commission on sales of artwork and design and licensing fees from merchandise.

The VisAbility Art Lab has grown and expanded since its inception which began as a pilot program in September 2015 with one artist. Currently there are over 12 artists who work in the communal studio. Many of the artists who attend the VisAbility Art Lab have increased their hours of attendance and the community of artists within the studio has many strong bonds.