Project 837: Home and Homelessness Part 2

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Kaplan Gallery

About the Co-Curators:

Yun Jeong Hong received her BFA from Seoul Women’s University (2005) and MFA from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2010). Her works involve writing, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and performance. Apart from her studio practice, Yun Jeong has curated an exhibition titled “Nomadic Fantasia-indra’s net (2011)”.
Yeim Bae received her MFA in Curatorial Practice from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has co-curated several group shows, including: B is for Baltimore: Baker Artist Award (2013) and Locally Sourced (2014) in Baltimore, I-scream (2009) and In Absentia (2010) in Korea. Currently she curates a satellite show for Project 837, Some Assembly Required which will be held at Project PLASE in Baltimore.


[Workshop] Beyond the House by Sung-Min Lee
Thursday, October 29th, November 5th, 4 – 5:30pm
Sung-Min Lee and her students from VisArts’ Recycled Art class will make a quilted blanket incorporating fabric elements with collage, painting, drawing and other mixed media elements. The public is encouraged to participate! Feel free to donate fabric to the artist!


All materials supplied by VisArts.

Free and open to the public.

[Performance] Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group
Friday, October, 30th, 8:00pm
Nancy Hvlik’s Dance Performance Group will respond to the topics and questions raised by the Project 837 exhibition and workshops by interacting with the installations as well as audience members.

Free and open to the public.


[Workshop] News From Home – Postcard Making 
Saturdays, November 7th,14th,21st, December 5th & 12th 2 – 4:00pm
Curators Yeim Bae and Yunjeong Hong will introduce new and creative ways of making unique postcards while exploring the concept of “home” with the audience.
All materials supplied by VisArts.
Free and open to the public.

[Workshop] Pop-Up Homes by Jenna Wright
Saturday, November 7th,14th & 21st 2 – 3:00pm
Jenna Wright is interested in the romantic notion of the American “dream house” and the proliferation of “cookie cutter” homes that are often constructed in contemporary American communities. During her workshop, visitors will construct paper houses from paper templates. Over the course of the exhibition this “community” of pop-up homes will grow and expand, creating a unique site-specific installation.
All materials supplied by VisArts.
Free and open to the public.

[Performance] Bedroom Without Walls by Hye Young Kim
Friday, November 13th & 14th 10:00am – 4:00pm @ public space around VisArts
“Bedroom Without Walls” is a psychological experiment questioning the definition of “home”. By removing physical walls and blending two different spaces, private/public and indoor/outdoor spaces, Hey Young Kim explores the possibility that anywhere can serve as someone’s home. This performance will also investigate the idea of instability: that one may lose their home at anytime. By engaging with conflicting feelings: excitement/routineness, unfamiliarity/familiarity, discomfort/comfort and insecurity/security, the artist will explore perception and how insecurity can affect her behavior in private and public spaces and how people feel or react when they encounter someone’s private moments in the street.
Free and open to the public.

[Workshop] How to Loiter by Paul Shortt
Saturday, November 14th & December 5th, 2:00pm
Loitering is defined as standing or waiting around idly without apparent purpose, but this project attempts to give a purpose to loitering. In this workshop, participants will explore alternative ways of loitering and discuss the issues surrounding loitering and how it affects public space and individuality. In collaboration with the artist, participants will create pro-loitering signs that articulate new ways to loiter and will turn those signs into PSA-style commercials.   Loitering laws are often used to oppress the homeless, but by reinventing how we think about loitering, perhaps we can also start to rethink our perceptions around homelessness. This project is an attempt to reinvent how we think about loitering in two ways: to explore what people accused of loitering could be doing and to suggest alternatives, while also trying to subvert perceptions around loitering through a humorous public campaign.
Free and open to the public.

[Performance] Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group
Saturday, December 5th, 3:00 p.m. Dance performance in response to “How to Loiter”
Kaplan Gallery and on the street.
Free and open to the public.

[Lecture] What is Home?
Curators lecture by Yunjeong Hong and Yeim Bae Wednesday, December, 2nd
Free and open to the public.

[Performance] NEST: Precious Little Things (excerpt from NEST)
Light Switch Dance Theatre
Date and time TBA
NEST is a multi-disciplinary work by Sandra Atkinson incorporating contemporary dance, visual art, music, and film that investigates the concept of a “nest” (home) for those without one. NEST explores the challenges, achievements, and aspirations of current and former members of the homeless community. For those without a “NEST” we asked: How was it lost? Was it ever there? How hard is it to obtain a “NEST” when you don’t currently have one? What are the essentials in a “nest” for survival in the greater community? NEST asks those who have a home; What are you willing to do in your community to help those who don’t have a “nest”? In exploring these questions the project will illustrate how it is imperative that mankind has a place to call home no matter the structure.
Free and open to the public.

[Symposium] What Is Home? VisArts Symposium, Volume 1
Project 837: Home and Homelessness, Part 2 “What is Home” Sunday, November 15th This symposium is one of several discussion platforms of Project 837: Home and Homelessness. The symposium is specifically designed to share ideas and experiences within the theme of what is home? Participating in these discussions will be homelessness researchers, founders and directors of homeless-related institutions, and artists exploring identity, space, and social practice studies in a diversity of art forms.


9:30 AM – Welcome/Registration 10:00 AM – Opening address: Susan Main (Director and Curator of VisArts) 10:30 AM – Keynote Presentation: Mary Slicher (Director of Project PLASE) 11:30-12:30 PM – Lunch Break -Food provided by VisArts 12:30 PM – Curators’ talk – Yeim Bae, Yunjeong Hong (Curators of Project 837) 1:00 PM – Discussion 1. Homelessness from Various Perspectives -15-minute presentations from participants followed by roundtable discussion. We invite researchers in addition to advocates for the homeless from Baltimore and Rockville. During the following round table discussion, the goal is to share experiences and ideas relevant to the topics of housing and homelessness. 2:30 PM – Break 2:45 PM – Discussion 2. Identity, Space and Mobility: The Artist’s Approach Artists often move around in service of their work. When faced with the possibility or reality of homelessness, artists immediately integrate that perspective into their work. Featured will be artists who have experienced the feeling of homelessness, who will share their experiences and study of life in a home and without, emphasizing their perspectives on new forms of human life. 3:45 PM – Break 4:00 PM – Discussion 3: Finding a Way Home Where do we go from here? Open discussion.

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