Noise and Music: Performance Workshop for Teens

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In this three-day intensive workshop led by Eames Armstrong (2016 VisArts Emerging Curator),  artists will use music to develop a performance art piece for a public presentation on the final workshop day and at the closing party for the Noise, Body, Music exhibition on view at VisArts September 7 – October 16. Documentation of their performances will be included in the exhibition as well.


Students will explore how music influences our life and what factors in our lives might draw us to certain kinds of music. On the first day participants will each bring a favorite song that will be the point of departure for discussion about time and structure, and how feelings or images can be evoked. On the second day, participants will work with materials and objects, and we will do movement exercises. On the third day, we will explore our bodies’ relationships to specific spaces as we finalize the performances.


Performance Art is a nebulous discipline, and the workshop will include some art historical background and readings. Performance Art can draw from visual art, conceptual art, experimental theater, contemporary dance, and it often involves creating live actions in which the body of the artist is the medium of the work.


The workshop is open to teen artists and/or aspiring teen artists of all backgrounds (visual arts, music, dance, theater, writing and beyond) with an open mind and a willingness to be challenged, no performance experience necessary.


Participants are required to bring a sketchbook or notebook, and wear comfortable clothes.


Required Application Materials:

  • Contact information
  • Up to 10 examples of work that showcase the breadth of your creative work. Your work samples do not need to be performance related, though they can be. For example, if you do creative writing, you might consider submitting a piece of writing.
  • Respond to each of the following questions in under 150 words:
  1. Describe your artistic practice. What do you do? Why do you do it?


  1. What is your relationship with performance?


  1. What do you hope to achieve by participating in the Noise Body Music workshop?


  1. Are you interested in working collaboratively?


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