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Concourse Gallery

Exhibition /Performance
Sandra Atkinson, Founder & Artistic Director – Light Switch Dance Theatre

January 10 – February 14, 2016
Concourse Gallery

NEST is a multi-­‐disciplinary work by Sandra Atkinson using contemporary dance, visual art, music, and film to investigate the concepts of a NEST (home) for those without one. NEST explores the challenges, achievements, and aspirations of current and former members of the homeless community. Those without “NEST” we ask: How was it lost? Was it ever there? How hard has is it to obtain a “NEST” when you don’t currently have one? What are essentials in our nest for survival in the greater community? NEST asks those who have; What are you willing to do in your community to help those who don’t have a nest? In exploring these questions the project will illustrate that it is imperative mankind has a place to call home no matter the structure.

About Light Switch Dance Theatre: Light Switch Dance Theatre (est. June 2013) is a sites-­‐ specific project based contemporary dance company dedicated to multi-­‐disciplinary performances in non-­‐traditional spaces. Sandra C. Atkinson, MA (Founder/Artistic Director) creates work in a collaborative manner inspired by the human condition, social justice, matters for science & technology and art of all mediums. LSDT strives to provide performances to the general public making any place a performance space.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 15, 7 – 9:00 PM 

January Performances – 16/22/29 @ 8:00 PM & 31 @ 2:00 PM

February Performances – 6/13 @ 8:00 PM

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