Liz Lescault and Alison Sigethy: Full Fathom Five: Going Deeper

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Gibbs Street Gallery

The organic visions of glass artist Alison Sigethy and clay artist Liz Lescault speak to each other. Collaborating for a second time, Sigethy and Lescault revisit and expand on their previous work, reacting to and altering each other’s sculptures to create enigmatic and seductive life forms that invite examination and study. To set the stage for this show, each artist is constructing an ambitious installation piece.

Lescault’s biomorphic sculptures reflect her exploration of organic form. She freely combines elements from nature, using imagery from the ocean depths, the detritus of the forest floor, and microscopic life. The work can be simultaneously sensual and scientific, beautiful and

Sigethy makes sculptures out of glass. These forms are organic, but still abstract. By creating pieces that can represent the contradictory ideas of beginning and end, rebirth and decay, without preference, Sigethy hopes to create dialogue about the continuum of life and our place in it.

Full Fathom Five will also feature a soundscape composed by sound installation designer John Vengrouskie, creating a contemplative refuge for the sculptures and immersing the audience in a full multi-level collaboration.

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