Kit Trowbridge: Stills

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Concourse Gallery

April 14 – May 1

Opening Reception
Thursday, April 14, 7 – 9 PM

Ms. Trowbridge’s current work reflects an inclusive mash up of images, celebrity, desire, craving, film, love, decoration and body. Working from a collected image bank plucked from print, internet sources, and storybooks, she builds layered paintings that never fully erase their earliest histories. All influences are evident. Animals, human body parts, cartoons, illustrations, text and patterns crash over, squeeze between and gaze from shallow, ambiguous space. They hint at film stills with horizontal borders at the top and bottom edges of the picture plane. These borders hint at Stan Brakhage’s scratched films. Overall the paint is thin allowing for the collision and collusion of images. The color reflects a fauvist palette that suggests a joyous embrace and the bling of a happy, childish sales pitch for pop punk immortality. They also reference Haitian tap tap buses that are painted with lavish decorations and portraits of famous people or stars and burst with passengers. Ms. Trowbridge’s current direction is a baroque, exhuberant inclusion of everything.

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