Irene Pantelis: Beneath My Lawn

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Irene Pantelis: Beneath My Lawn

November 28, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Common Ground Gallery, VisArt, 2nd floor


Beneath My Lawn features a sprawling floor installation of small three dimensional drawings made with polylactic acid filament. The drawings evolved from Pantelis’s imaginings of the social and natural history of the soil in her suburban backyard. Visitors walk around to view the work, imbedding themselves in the narrative of the piece that emerges as complex, intertwined systems that repeat themselves, connect and disconnect, reveal and hide their poetry.

About the artist: Irene Pantelis is a Maryland-based artist who creates absorptive maps, records, specimen collections and artifacts. Her work charts a natural world affected by humans, history, culture, migration and memory. Her ideas often originate from aspects of her and her family’s transnational experience. Born in Bolivia, to mixed European and Quetchua heritage, she grew up moving frequently, settling in Maryland as a teenager. While always an artist, she went on to become a labor lawyer for a decade, and then a stay-at-home mom before pursuing her artistic journey in earnest.

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