Introduction to Portrait Workshop

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In this class students will learn the basic principles of drawing the human face, neck, and shoulders. Students will draw the skull, neck vertebrae, and collarbone from observation of a skeleton (replica, cast from life). Students will draw facial muscle structure by observing a lifelike clay bust with anatomical details. Student will do charcoal drawing from a live model. The familiarity with skull and facial structure gained in Class 1 will be applied to drawing the model’s face, head, and neck area. Emphasis will be on the basic planes of the face, using patterns of light and shadow. Students will use charcoal and white chalk (on toned paper) drawing of a live model.Emphasis will be on facial features, as this technique lends itself to greater detail.

If desired, materials may be purchased from VisArts and will be on hand at the first class. Or materials may be purchased at any good art supply store.

Introduction to Portrait Workshop Materials



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