InSight: Dalya Luttwak

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Dalya Luttwak inaugurates the new “InSight” series at VisArts with “Ground Cover: Roots of Liriope,” a painted steel, root-like sculpture that springs from a single painted line and crawls up and across the walls of the ground floor atrium at the entrance to VisArts. The “InSight”series generates site-specific installations in non-traditional exhibition spaces. Placing contemporary art in public spaces usually thought of as pass-throughs (halls, atriums, and lobbies), VisArts encourages active looking, sociability, interaction, and encounters with art in architectural space.”InSight” will host artists for one year.

About the Artist: Dalya Luttwak is an Israeli-American sculptor and metal artist whose siteresponsive steel sculptures are inspired by roots and root systems of the natural world. Her creative aim is to uncover the hidden beauty of roots, exploring the relationship between what grows above the ground and the invisible parts below; revealing what nature prefers to conceal. Her series of root sculptures have lodged on the sides of the towers at the end of the Rio del Arsenale in Venice, Italy, wound their way up and across the metal fences and tennis courts at the Kreeger Museum, emerged from the patio floor at the Katzen Arts Center, and made lasting impressions throughout the DC-Maryland-Virginia area.


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