Glaze Chemistry-Thurs-Online Class

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Do you want to know more about what is really going on with your clay and glazes? ​Why they work, or why they don’t work? Are they the best they can be?

In this 4-week Glaze Chemistry learn about what goes into designing and making a glaze from scratch. In this class, we’ll go over the materials that go into a glaze, the oxides that make up those materials, and how these components interact with each other in the kiln. You’ll learn about what makes a strong stable glass and how to change its character and color. We won’t run any labs in the class, but you will learn how to physically mix a glaze and we will examine test tiles to illustrate concepts talked about during lectures. After the class is over, students should be able to critically examine glaze recipes and mix a glaze from scratch in a glaze kitchen.

Please contact the instructor directly if you have any questions about the course.



5 spaces available
Glaze Chemistry--Online Class$180.00