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In(Site) Project Gallery



January 11 – February 24

In(Site) Project Gallery

Frame & Frequency is an ongoing International Video Art Screening Series curated by Frank McCauley. This edition highlights the work of seven international artists from Toronto to Vienna, Korea to Texas and from across the US. These new media, experimental film and video works explore contemporary visual culture, and present an intimate panorama of the variety and breadth of video art in artistic practice today – including various themes such as appropriation, simulation vs representation, repetition, identity politics, as well as formal investigations of video as a medium.

Artists include: Dina Yanni, Eric Souther, Joe Hambleton, David Politzer, Shon Kim, Pete Burkeet, and Jonathan E. Baker.


Sampled entirely from the iconic Hebrew/German “Lemon Popsicle“-film series, COSMIC POPSICLE is an unruly deconstruction of teenage movie cinematic codes. A glitchy collage, COSMIC POPSICLE celebrates unclear and re-invented identities with cosmic visuals and sound.

About the artist: Dina Yanni is a Vienna based video artist and author. In her video work she remixes and transforms samples of pop culture to produce alternative narratives and histories. Her work has been screened at Experimental and Underground Film Festivals around the globe.

About In(Site) Project at VisArts:

In(Site) Project at VisArts places contemporary art in non-traditional exhibition spaces. VisArts encourages active looking, deep listening, sociability, interaction, and encounters with art in architectural spaces often considered “pass throughs” (hallways, atriums, lobbies, and windows). In(Site) Project features artists working in a variety of media.

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