Dunnie Onasanya: Arise & Thrive

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355 POD Space Gallery


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Dunnie Onasanya: Arise & Thrive

July 5–September 29, 2024
355 POD Space Gallery

Immerse yourself in an ode to divine femininity, where the artist’s labor of love comes to life, inviting all to embrace the sacred essence of unwavering faith, ethereal beauty, transformation, motherhood, self love, and goddess frequency.

Explore the depths of the artist’s soul through her collection of mindfully adorned abstract artwork installed alongside editorial photography collaborations. Each piece of affirming artwork is a testament to the brilliance and power of making the mindful decision to Arise & Thrive!

Artist’s Statement

In my abstract expressionist practice, I explore the transformative power of art, infusing each creation with elements of gold leaf, metallic pigments, glass, and jewels. Through vibrant colors and dynamic textures, I aim to evoke ranging emotions and transcend boundaries, inviting all who experience my work into a realm of peace and rejuvenation. My soul mission is to infuse every stroke with love, joy, and light, believing that art has the capacity to uplift and inspire.

Drawing from personal experience, art has served as my primary form of therapy, guiding me through moments of darkness, and allowing me to overcome trauma by facilitating profound self-discovery.

My art is a reflection of the beauty found in embracing change and the limitless potential of the human spirit. It is my hope that through my work, I will illuminate the path towards healing, cultivate self love, and ignite a spark of renewed hope in the hearts of all who encounter it.

About the Artist

Dunnie Onasanya is a passionate and resilient first-generation Nigerian American who has achieved many feats, regardless of the times and changes throughout her life. As a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the historic Tuskegee University, she obtained a dual degree in business administration and sales/marketing. She is a devoted mother of two, a VisArts Associate Artist with a full-time studio practice, and a faculty art instructor at VisArts.

In 2023, Onasanya became an art instructor at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, where she launched her “African Art Visionary” workshop series. She is investing her time in developing her artistry practice as a canvas painter, muralist, art educator, interior designer, and creative entrepreneur.

Onasanya’s work is heavily influenced by her West African heritage and faith in God. As an expressionist intuitive painter, she creates breathtaking abstract works, cultural masks, hamsas, and other historic symbols with the use of bright, bold colors, metallic paints, gold leaf, crushed glass, and jewels.

Learn more at www.dunnietheartist.com.

About the 355 POD Space Gallery
VisArts and Morguard North American Residential REIT (the REIT) have partnered to provide opportunities for local artists to bring their ideas to life with site-specific art installations at the 355 POD Space Gallery.

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Image Credit: Pablo Raya

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