Crawl Glaze Workshop

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Crawl or reticulated glazes use two concepts to create “baubles” or “icebergs” of glaze in the kiln. When wet, they have a high shrinkage rate as they are applied to the ceramic ware, and when molten, crawl glazes have a very high surface tension. During the first day of this three-session class students will learn about the overall concepts of  creating crawl glazes and will work in groups of two for several quadraxial tests to develop crawl base glazes. During the second class, students will run color tests, mixing various colorants into the base glazes created during the first class. During the last class students will meet for 1 hour to mix a gallon of their favorite glaze from the class. Students should bring their own scales and respirators for the class.

This class is only for those students who taken Ryan’s 8-week glaze chemistry class. Also, please note that the first class is three hours, the second class is two hours and the last class is one hour. 


1 spaces available
Crawl Glaze Workshop$120.00