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Indoor farming has created a lot of buzz recently. In this lecture, Julie Buisson will discuss the promises and shortcomings of indoor farming. As well as some of the common claims around sustainability, labor, and production made my indoor farmers. Julie will then go over her experience teaching indoor farming to youth with emotional and behavioral health needs, and the role of horticultural therapy as a promising vehicle for workforce development in vulnerable populations. Finally, together we will look at some of the key areas of indoor farming, in which innovation and ethical questions must be addressed.


If you have any questions regarding this workshop please contact the Exhibition Programming Coordinator, Megan Koeppel at


This online workshop will be hosted through the Zoom platform. Students will need to have a webcam and the ability to download zoom on their computer, phone, or tablet. After you register for the class, you will be sent an e-mail with the Zoom URL to log into the class the day before the workshop begins. Please provide a correct and viable e-mail address when registering as this is how you receive your link.

Please use the Notes section on the registration form to list any accommodations you will need during the class.

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