What is Connected Community

Connected community is the practice of working to understand the social issues affecting our community, actively promoting awareness of other perspectives, and fostering understanding through the visual arts.

VisArts’ strength is our ability to bring people together through shared creative experiences, fostering exposure to new perspectives, mutual respect, and a truly connected community.

Our community is made up of people of all ages, identities, backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. We work together to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to nurture their creative spark by joining us in creating and engaging with art.

We are committed to giving everyone the chance to express their ideas, develop their talents, and enrich their lives – in other words, the chance to be transformed through the visual arts.

We Believe

  • We have the responsibility to build a caring, accessible, and inclusive community – and to share our community with everyone, especially those in need of hope, healing, and a safe haven.
  • Visual artists can actively work to reveal and disrupt racial, economic, gender, sexuality, and ability injustices in our community and the world.
  • We have the power to enrich our community by partnering with individuals and organizations to create and install public art that nourishes connections – and spurs economic development.

We Recognize

  • Our future depends on the commitment of everyone involved with our organization, including staff, students, artists, instructors, campers, volunteers, and partners.
  • It’s essential to increase diversity and inclusion within our organization, and to cultivate an environment in which staff, students, artists, instructors, and volunteers are valued, engaged, and encouraged to contribute.

We are passionate about our mission to transform individuals and communities through the visual arts, and know that our ability to achieve it begins with including, supporting, and partnering with our diverse community.