Saggar Fired Bottle, 2020, Saggar-fired ceramics with burnished mica, 9 x 5 inches

David Bunk

My interests in pottery gravitate toward the alternative firing techniques.  While only loosely defined, alternative firing are any techniques outside the standard gas or electric kiln firings.  All methods to fire pottery are somewhat uncontrollable; the alternative firing techniques are often the most unpredictable. The organized chaos of alternative firings, and bringing the perspective of a scientist to them, are probably what appeals to me the most.  With all the risks involved in alternative firings, sometimes come big rewards in the beauty of the ceramics surfaces and their uniqueness.

About the artist:

David Bunk has been a student at VisArts since March 2017.


VisArts 2021 Faculty & Student Show


Woodfired Vase, 2020, Unglazed ceramics, 8 x 5 inches

Smoke-fired Jar, 2020, Barrel-fired ceramics with burnished mic, 6 x 5 inches