Introduction to Creative Industries Series

Creative Industries Courses

The Introduction to Creative Industries Series is a set of six-week courses that complement the Introduction to Craft Media Series. They’re designed to prepare craft media artists to enter a variety of creative industries, provide pathways to initiate growth and sustainability in creative practices, and build community and networks of stakeholders in creative cultures.

Questions? Contact Lisa Gallant, Education Director or Robert Devers, Center for Craft Studies Coordinator.



1. Craft in the Field: A Travel Course of Study

Experiencing craftworks in context and understanding how craftwork finds its way into the world is essential for the future craft practitioner. This course will include:

  • Faculty-led field trips to local galleries, museums, private collections, artists’ studios, craft shows, and public lectures
  • Trips for tours led by curators, gallery owners, private collectors, and artists

Venues may include the Renwick Gallery; the Smithsonian Craft Show; the Frederick Festival of the Arts; HEATWORK 3.0 at VisArts (exhibitions of work by VisArts’ ceramics faculty and students; the Smithsonian American Art Museum; the Hirshhorn Museum; the American Craft Council Show (Baltimore); private collectors’ homes; and artists’ studios.

Students will develop critical thinking skills in craft by keeping a journal and writing a series of short essays about these travel experiences.

2. History of Craft Media and Contemporary Practice

Students will attend a series of lectures by VisArts faculty and craft media professionals on historic and contemporary craft media and practices. The lectures will be recorded and archived; students will have permanent access to resources in the archive.

3. Professional Practices for Artists

Students will learn many of the professional practices needed for a sustainable career in craft, including:

  • Writing and updating CVs and artist statements
  • Artistic photography
  • Economics and pricing of work
  • Record-keeping
  • Approaching galleries and applying for shows, grants, and residencies

4. Business Practices for Craft Media Artists

Students will learn many of the business practices needed for a sustainable career in craft, including:

  • Writing business plans
  • Contracts, copyrights, and accounting
  • Studio management
  • Marketing, branding, social media, and selling online
  • Craft fairs and booth design

5. Internship

Students will participate in a six-week studio apprenticeship in their area of interest, which may include studio management, arts administration, curation, and business management.

6. Capstone

The is the final course for students pursuing a Certificate of Mastery in Craft and Creative Industries. Students will select a VisArts faculty member to provide instruction, guidance, and critique for a capstone paper and mounting an exhibition of craftworks.