Emily Fucello

Mediums: Painting & Drawing, Fused Glass, Mosaic, Mixed Media, and Young Artists.

Emily Fucello has had a lifelong interest in art and has taught children’s art classes for the past 12 years. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 with a major in art and design with a concentration in painting and printmaking and a minor in art history. Emily appreciates the colors and shapes found in nature and enjoys exploring the beauty of landscapes in her art. She loves exploring a variety of media in her work, studying art history, and implementing techniques and subjects from famous artists in her own artwork.

Emily has worked at VisArts since 2012 teaching painting, drawing, multimedia, glass, and children’s classes. Emily loves teaching children about art history and famous artists. She enjoys seeing the excitement children experience when using a new medium or learning a new technique. Emily believes that there are no mistakes in art and the art classroom is a place to experiment, discover, create, and get messy. Children in her class are the artists of their work and she believes there is no wrong way to create art. She encourages children to use their imagination, think outside the box, and explore new ideas. Emily knows that art can be therapeutic and a great way for children to express themselves. She hopes to cultivate a nurturing and supportive art experience for children so they will want to continue to create art throughout their lives.