Alex Schmiechen

Mediums: Ceramics Tech and Ceramics.

Alex Schmiechen has been working with ceramics since early high school and has always loved expressing herself through a wide variety of media. She grew up in Minnesota and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Chemistry at Grinnell College. While at Grinnell she also took several art classes and explored her artistic voice in the campus ceramics studio. Alex originally came to the D.C. area to work in a cancer biology lab at NIH, but is shifting her focus towards art and hopes to spend even more time teaching ceramics in the future.

Alex works with many types of media and often translates her paintings and drawings into surface designs on her ceramic work. Her intricate patterns are influenced by the the nature of northern Minnesota and often incorporate both abstract and realistic depictions. She particularly enjoys ceramics as an art form due to its inherently functional and technical nature. Alex creates a wide variety of wheel thrown forms that include tableware and other home accessories.