VisAbility Art Lab at the Festival

VisAbility Art Lab is VisArts’ supported studio for neurodiverse adult artists. The Lab is a creative community where artists are supported and mentored by professional artists and curators. They learn work and life skills, including how to prepare for exhibitions, price their work, develop an artist statement, and engage with the public to promote and sell their art. VisAbility artists are proud to participate in the Rockville Arts Festival.

Will Sandstedt

Justin Andrews

Corey Barbee

James Billian

Marti Clark

Mara Clawson

Sarah Davie

Sarah Dorros

Jeremy Foster

Sam Fratatoni

Camille Galli

Andrew Holton

Heather Ingle

Julia Meryl

Maven Kahn

Ivan Leavens

Uriel Levitt

Jared Max

Shaun McDonald

Faith McLuckie

Alex Moy

Sebastian Nkogolo

Daniela Noboa

Naomi Peel

Max Poznerzon

Robin Rankin

Ellis Rogers-Archer

Stanley Roth

Carly Ruderman

Nadia Safarazi

Lindsey Schaufelberger

Yelena Simpson

Ella Smith

Cara Thompson

Justin Valenti

Louis Von Rago

D’Ante Whitlow

Kate Whitmore